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AmAlOx 87 Alumina Ceramic

AmAlOx 87 alumina (Astro Met Aluminum Oxide) is a 99.95% alumina ceramic manufactured by Astro Met for specialty applications which require a higher purity of alumina than found in commercial grades of 99.5% and 99.8% alumina. AmAlOx 87 alumina is especially cost effective for applications, which need the unique combination of high purity, high strength, high density and small grain size in one material. Typically properties of AmAlOx 87 alumina include a bulk density of 3.97 g/cm3, flexural strength of 70 KPSI (482 MPa), Vickers Hardness of 2000 and a grain size of 2 microns.

AmAlOx 87 alumina, originally developed for critical load bearing medical implants, has an unusually small grain size for an alumina ceramic, this enables extremely tight tolerances and surface finishes of 2 microinches Ra to be achieved when proper finishing techniques are used. Astro Met manufactures AmAlOx 87 alumina components to customer specifications in both prototype and production quantities.

For more information on AmAlOx 87 alumina or to discuss your application in more detail please contact Astro Met's Advanced Ceramics Division.


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